30th Apr 2010





“Angels could not everywhere, so God gave us Mothers”.

Bless your mother on 9 May with a special gourmet gift from Miz Gooz Berry.

A picnic basket filled with a selection of Miz Gooz Berry’s handmade foods. Orders close on Thursday, 6 May.


A gift box of gourmet confections.



A selection of appropriately themed iced butter sugar cookies.




A vintage wooden storage box.


A vanilla or chocolate sponge cake, decorated in her favourite Continue reading

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Looking to start up your own Miz Gooz Berry?

27th Apr 2010









From small beginnings of two  muffin pans to one of the top 18 wedding cake design companies in South Africa and number three in Gauteng, Miz Gooz Berry has grown, by dedication and non- compromise, on quality and service excellence. It  is a licensed company with branded confections. I am looking to extend my company into other areas of South Africa. 

Have you experienced Miz Gooz Continue reading

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The Best Cupcakes ever can become Gluten and Lactose Free

24th Apr 2010

I have come across the best domed vanilla cupcake recipe. Refer to cake journal .com and follow the cupcake link for Domed Vanilla cupcakes.

It is in the method, that you create the best domed cupcakes. I have even substituted the flour for gluten free flour and rice milk for milk and margarine for butter, Now even I can enjoy a cupcake, every now and then.

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Caterpillar cupcakes, Pettinice Fairies and a Cardmaking Workshop

24th Apr 2010


I feel so blessed to be included in a family’s growth, from their wedding cake, to christening cakes and birthday cakes of their children.


Sometimes a cake is not always necessary, especially when budget is a factor, or Mom wants the cake to be gifts for the guests to take home. Here is a simple idea. It has been done many a time, but I think we forget how effective it can be.

3-D Pettinice Continue reading

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“Down Memory Lane”

19th Apr 2010

Last week I visited my home town, Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape. The last time I visited there was 22 years ago. So much has changed, yet so much has remained the same.

I went on a memory trip around Central and here are a few of the special places of my youth.

Edward Street. We lived on the right side, before I started primary school.It  is now  a company that sells cleaning liquids. It is Continue reading

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Ballet Cookie Bouquet ,Baby shower, wedding cakes, functions and more

11th Apr 2010

It looks like the 10th  April is a popular weekend for a function.
After 4 wedding cakes. 1 wedding box wedding, 4 celebration cakes and two functions,  I feel bushed.

What I love about my work is that I do not always know what’s next on the agenda.

To all my brides and families we serviced this weekend, thank you and I trust that your special occasions were a blessing to all.

Kirsty and Warren’s Tumbles Cake

Congratulations Continue reading

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Peter on IGS council;The “Red Hats” Tea party at Miz Gooz and more

5th Apr 2010

My husband, Peter has just been notified that he has been elected to the IGS (International Geo-synthetics Society) Council to represent Africa. Well done Pete, we are so proud of you. You are the ideal person to represent Africa on such a prestigious council.

Pete, my best person in the whole world.verlorenkloof-021

What a delightfully energetic and jolly group of ladies we had attending a tea at the shop. Fun, fellowship and food was top of their Continue reading

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