Kaapsche Hoop, Miz Gooz Berry

23rd Jul 2013

Peter, Nunu and I have moved to the mountain retreat in Mpumalanga, 30km from Nelspruit, situatuted on the edge of the escarpment. On a clear day you can see Barbeton. Renowned for its wild horses, mist and lots of rain, it is a special place.

Miz Gooz Berry has closed in Benoni. I can refer clients to a few very good bakers in the area, please give me a call on my cell on 082 883 6192.

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15th Mar 2012
Pete and I love to eat out and Somerset West is one of our favourite places to visit. Special friends, Dennis and Lindy took us to this gem of a restauarant.
Owned and run by Barry, South African born from a Russian , Jewish mom and a Scottish Turkish dad, he has come out Greek.
Barry describes his place as ” Where the Kitchen is small, the heart is huge”, on one of his numerous blackboards. I dont think that Continue reading
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My life over the past few months

31st Jan 2012









Becoming a Granny is the best thing that can happen to you.  Andrew is a joy. Seeing him grow, weekly, is amazing. Thank you Lord for this priviledge. Lindsey and Richard are great with him.

Andrew has just turned two months and is smiling and beginning to recognize us.


December was a busy month for cakes, January started off Continue reading

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23rd Dec 2011




Inviting couples who are getting married between February and June 2012, to attend the next tasting. New approaches to wedding cake tables would be showcased as well as my  top ten cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, iced butter sugar cookies and the favourite confections are available for purchasing.

Please note that private  appointments are not able to be made on that day due to number of couples attending. Please make an appoinment at your convenience. Continue reading

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4th Dec 2011


We have the joy to announce the arrival of Andrew Robert Parker. Lindsey and Richard’s first son and our first grandchild.

Born Saturday, 26 November, 3,62kg, at the Sunward Park Hospital, by natural birth.  Thank you to the amazing staff and well done to our precious daughter who coped so well. Well done to Dad for not passing out.




Who does he look like?




Richard, of course.  He has Lindsey’s chin.



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Five tier Wedding Cake and Bling Shoe and Handbag Cake

23rd Oct 2011


It is amazing to see what my staff are capable of doing. Sometimes as many a 4 of us work on a single cake.  Barbara did all the Fondant finishes and I did the fresh flower finish. 

This weddding cake consisted of 4 flavours- Vanilla Sponge Buttercream, Vanilla Sponge with  Granadailla Buttercream. Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate Buttercream, Pecan Nut Vanilla Sponge with Orange Syrup and Coffee Buttercream.



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Benoni City Times- 90th Birthday Gala events- 9 tiered cake. Junior Chef Party for Nani’s 11th birthday.

16th Oct 2011

To the readers of my blog

Firstly, thank you to all constructive comments received regarding my blog.

“Too much script “is one comment.  It is a personal, as well as a business blog. My apologies if too much script is offensive to you. As a trained teacher it has become more and more evident to me that we tend to put more empahasis nowdays on the visual. A blog is a  personal way of expressing the author’s ideas, Continue reading

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Lindsey’s Ladybug Baby Shower

9th Oct 2011


Becoming parents was the  greatest joy of our  lives. Peter and I are about to become grandparents, which I know will be as special.  Our precious Linz and Richard are about to have their first baby.  Linz loves ladybugs and earthy colours, so a ladybug shower seemed to be the right way to go.

This post is for Ruth and Bob and family and friends in Sydney who were not able to attend. We Continue reading

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Starting our 15th year. Loving ones work is a real blessing.

2nd Oct 2011

Thank you Lord for the opportunities that you have brought my way, as well as the gifting You have given myself and the staff that assist me. Thanks to Matilda, my baker, Tammy my 3-D Fondant artist, Barbara my Fondant specialist, Loren and Kirsty my personal assistants, Irene  my housekeeper,  Daphne and Peter Maynier who provide me with excellent foods, my husband Peter( a huge thank you) and children, Lindsey and husband, Richard,  Janine and Matthew, Continue reading

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