” Hot Friday”- Cooler Saturday

15th Nov 2009

We experienced our hottest day in the shop on Friday. The airconditioners did not help to cool the shop at all. It was 32 degrees inside and apparently 34 outside. The large fan ( I am covinced that it can fly a microlight) helped a little to keep us going. All chocolate work had to be abandoned except for an order of German choc dipped wafers which took over three hours to dry. Unfortunately we cannot put them into a fridge to set as they do not like moisture.

Thank the Lord that Saturday was cooler and all work was able to be completed on time.

Daphne and I did Jonquill`s ” Celebration of Life ” function before the arrival of  Baby Hayden.


Lezelle decorated these terracotta pots for a cupcake display. I am thinking of doing a pink set as well.


Tumbles cake with cookies as well as Daphne’s fresh, cool, flowers and fabulous food.


A tired vanilla sponge with buttercream, birthday cake.



My favourite dog, Max – my only dog in fact. He keeps me company in Pete’s office, while  I blog.

He has requested a couch and a sinew bone for Christmas.



Kirsty and Clint’s cupcake display at their wedding on 8 November. What a stunning venue –  Oxbow. The staff are extremely professional in their approach, the venue itself is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Beautifully kept. Modern with a classical English colonial feel, ponds all around and tailored gardens. Have a look at their website.

Congratualtions to Mr. and Mrs. Fox. It was a great pleasure to be of service to your in the run up to your special day. May the Lord richly bless your marriage.