Miz Gooz Berry, Xanthe’s Goat’s Milk Fudge

7th Oct 2013

Miz Gooz Berry will be closed this coming weekend.  If locals in Kaapsche Hoop are needing their toffee fix, please give me a call during the week or forward a WA to me. Toffee, fudge , ice cream and fresh  fruit lollies are always kept in stock.

News on Gauteng branch.

 Xanthe, the licensee in Johannesburg is cooking and baking up a storm. Clients are very happy with her quality products and great service. Repeat orders are coming in which is always a great sign of happy clients. We are so blessed  to have you on board, Xanthe. You are a star. Your team are so appreciated as well.

 Xanthe is developing a range of her own sweets which compliment what we have to offer. Watch out for her own creations: Goat’s Milk Fudge. I GOBBLED up the peanut butter flavoured fudge(I do not eat fudge), but this is DELICIOUS. Other flavour on offer at present  is vanilla, also yummy. For the lactose intolerant client, this is the way to go. Xanthe gets top quality fresh goat’s milk, directly from the farm. It does not have a goaty flavour. Keep it up Xanthe.

Call her on 082 2914638 for trade enquiries.

Have a great week.