10th Sep 2013

Just got back from a short visit to Paris. Had a great French cooking course at Cook ‘N with Class. Did a lot of walking, riding on the metro, doing touristy stuff once Pete’s business was over. Ate macaroons, and French foods. Not the rich, creamy type. Strawberries that are all squichy, sweet and juicy. The Eiffel tower is a must. Go right to the top .  If you are going to stand in the queue for over 1 1/2 – 2 hours, make it worth your while. Once at the top, you realise that Paris cannot be done in a short stay. Travelling on the Hop -On -and -Hop -Off buses and boat trips was great. Really got our monies worth.  Eating lunch at about 3pm every afternoon and dinner about 9 – 11 at night. It is still light after 8 at night at the moment, so restaurants are still busy, during the week into the early hours of the morning. Loved Paris and the arichtecture of its old , 6 storey blocks of flats(if you can call them that).

 Brasseries, Cafe’s  and Patisseries, crammed next to each other, with chairs, facing the street.  Each district has a few streets with your butcher, fruit and veggie shop, Boulanger( bread shops), cheese shops and more. Space is short in the small apartments so people are seen shopping for fresh ingredients . A lot eat out. Paris is a place where living in the streets is taken to another level. Not sure where the people all come from. Roller blades,  bicycles, motorbikes and electric cars to hire, bicycles with trailers for children( gave me a fright to see two children in a parachute type material trailer, behind Dad’s bike) in a square that had cars, buses, shuttles, motorbikes and bicycles. Not sure where they are all going, but it does not stop.

Will post some pics soon. Need my sleep now.

Still love our mountain the most. We are so priviledged to have the wide open spaces in our country. paris is beautiful.  Good to be back home.