POPS turned 90 on 5 November.

8th Nov 2009
POPS turned 90 on 5 November.

Pops celebrated his 90th birthday this week.

The Legg clan all gathered at the Ambience Restaurant in Edenvale on 7th November  for a luncheon, to celebarte this special occasion.

Pops with the youngest  great grand daugher, Sarah.



William Legg, husband of the late Bernardine (Binky) and father of 11 children – Alistair, Sheila, Margie, the late Kathleen, Rosemary, Moira, Peter, Eddie, Adrian, Donald and Billy.

Here are the 10 children with Pops.


Family travelled from all over South Africa and as  far away as America, Bavaria and England to attend this occasion. Unfortunately not all the grandchildren and great grandchildren could attend. We missed them very much.

The grandchildren – with a few missing.dscf5927

Here are some details regarding the family : 22 grandchildren and 28 great grandchildren, at the moment and still counting………….

It was great to see family units all together on one day. Friends of the family as well as relatives that have married into the family are sometimes overwhelmed by the size of the Legg family.

Dean, Adrian, Sandy and Samantha- up from Durban for a short visit.


Our Family

Peter, Matthew, Charlotte (Matthew`s girlfriend), Janine , Richard, Berry and Lindsey



No attempt was made to try and round up the great grandchildren for a photograph – they were busy with their most important passtime – play-  on the jumping castles, enjoying their cousins’ company.



Catching up with family and friends, some not seen for many years .














Maureen’s famous fruit cake. YUM! 


Pops and his youngest brother, Bobby.




We  love and appreciate you Pops. May you be blessed on this your 90th Birthday.