Weekend of 5th and 6th October at Miz Gooz, Mpumalanga

4th Oct 2013
Spimg-20130928-00242ring is truly here and with it comes the freshing rain, wilder than usual horses and more sunshine. We are blessed to have Kent, Charmaine, Daniel, Caitlyn, Benjamin and Nathan here this week. The Pop-up shop will not be open on Saturday, 5th October. We will be open a bit later than usual:  12pm – 3pm. MENU FOR SUNDAY: Looking for something different? You want your cake and want to eat it? (do not want to share it). Spoon cakes are great, as they are moist cakes baked in paper holders and served with only 1 spoon. Come and try the Carrot Spoon Cakes with a Cream Cheese Butter Icing  and Curly Carrot Tops. 3P Spoon Cakes Vanilla , Double Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Fresh Fruit Lolly Bites ( the 4 children visiting have tucked into them which has resulted in us making a batch everyday, since Wednesday) Miz Gooz Berry’s Old English Toffee Binky’s Butter Fudge Chocolate filled Butter Shortbread Balls Quiche selection Caramel Coconut Fingers French Macaroons Chocolate Freckles Vanilla Cupcakes See you soon. Berry Legg