15th Mar 2012
Pete and I love to eat out and Somerset West is one of our favourite places to visit. Special friends, Dennis and Lindy took us to this gem of a restauarant.
Owned and run by Barry, South African born from a Russian , Jewish mom and a Scottish Turkish dad, he has come out Greek.
Barry describes his place as ” Where the Kitchen is small, the heart is huge”, on one of his numerous blackboards. I dont think that his small kitchen which we were invited into will remain that size for long. He started out at one of the markets in the area and grew from there. Shoping every morning on his bicycle, basket on his back, in search of the best available produce.
We all choose FEED US, a unique mixture of whatever he has prepared for the day.
We did not give him much notice. I have a few intolerances and he gladly assisted me with safe options. The place is filling out. It is undergoing a growth spurt, as every possible space has a table and chairs, filled to capacity, noisey, friendly, families and couples. Everyone gets Barry’s personal attention. Chairs and tables do not match, some walls are in the process of being plastered and not yet painted, his childrens’ drawings/ paintings are on the walls, work surfaces are packed with stuff. All of these things make me feel at home.
You know what it is like when you eat and eat and eat and know that you have had enough, but just can’t resist that last Dolmadas, with brown rice, cumin and currant filling. You will not be dissapointed.
Being in this industry, I am fussy about where and what I eat. Well worth the experience. This is not a place to eat, it is a place to fellowship, eat, drink, make friends and come again and again.
Barry, we love Yamas and will bring our family along in May, when our family come back to your area for our son’s wedding.
Tel: 0760316563