Get It, July 2006:

Two of Berry's creations have won national acclaim, namely her Old English Toffee mousse cake and the Chocolate Nougat Ganache cake Miz Gooz Berry Old English Toffee is the only gourmet toffee in the country it tends to make people act out of character. It is often hidden away in drawers or eaten in the car while driving home, with no thought of sharing with others.

Essentials, May 2006:

"The homemade Old English Toffee from Miz Gooz Berry is amazing! its rich flavour envelopes and lingers pleasantly."

Eat In 2005:

"Occasion Cakes are Berry Legg's speciality."

The Star, Thursday April 8, 2004:

"Try this innovative recipe for biscuits, courtesy of caterer extraordinaire, Berry Legg of Miz Gooz Berry."

Eat In 2003/4:

"If you're going to let them eat cake, then at least commission consummate confectioner Gauteng cake whizz Berry Legg to bake it."

The Star, Thursday Feb 13, 2003:

"(Miz Gooz Berry) are in demand for their sought after picnic baskets a scrumptious feast."

Eat In 2002:

"Sublime cakes to order."

The Citizen, Monday, 15 April 2002:

"Each (cake) worth every calorie in decadence."
"Her savoury dishes (are) drool food at dinner parties"
"The true secret ingredient of her success is her commitment to quality, and she imports many of her ingredients, never cutting corners to cut costs."

Leisure Options, March 2002:

"A baker extraordinaire Berry Legg never fails to impress with her fabulous creations."

Eat In 2001:

" Berry Legg's cakes and tarts are spectacular. She has an extensive repertoire which she is constantly updating, but will also obligingly accommodate your every whim."

House and Garden, October 2001:

"The difference between a cake and an occasion is the ingredients and the imagination that went into making it."

Eat In 2000:

"Berry Legg describes herself as being in the spoiling industry (producing) cakes that precipitate major guilt trips."