Wedding & Celebration Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes Individually designed to meet the client`s requirements. Chocolate cakes reign supreme at Miz Gooz Berry.

Popular choices:

  • The Tumbles
  • Old English Toffee Mousse Cake- chosen as the second best chocolate dessert cake in Johannesburg by Fair Lady magazine in 2001
  • Chocolate Nougat Ganache- an award winning cake in a Snowflake Heritage Competition
  • Ebony and Ivory van Der Hum Chocolate Mousse
  • Flaked Almond Vanilla Sponge, Strawberry Mousse (seasonal)
  • Kahlua Pecan Mousse
  • Mocha Orange Pecan Nut
  • Vanilla Sponge Custard Cream with Fresh Fruit
  • Vanilla Sponge Lemon Custard Cream with Fresh Fruit
  • Frangelico Chocolate Raspberry Mousse (seasonal)
  • Bar- One
  • American Cheesecakes - Blueberry Swirl/ Strawberry Swirl
  • Double Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Stacked imported and local cheese displays
  • Vanilla Sponge Lemon / Vanilla Custard Cream with/ without Fresh Fruit.
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Sponges with Buttercream or Ganache

Celebration Cakes: Children's (and for those young at heart), Christening cakes.

Cakes for all special occasions can be created for you incorporating your favourite flavours.