Cheese Stacks

As brides are looking for something different, this is a very popular, delicious choice.

We use Cremalat Cheeses which are of a very high quality. Ideally served to guests whilst the photographs are been taken, this continues to impress your guests and keeps the hunger pains away.

A savoury cheese wedding cake can be included in the stack or as a separate cake for the cutting ceremony.

We plan a selection of cheeses that will fit in with your and your guest’s tastes.  Lactose free cheeses, such as goat’s cheeses can be included. Homemade breads, savoury biscuits, bread sticks, as well as purchased biscuits, with caramelised onions/marinated sun-dried tomatoes/ pesto/ olives/ fresh fruit/ nuts/ biltong/ dates/ figs, etc, add to the uniqueness of this feast.