Berrylicious Christmas Fair and More…………..

1st Nov 2009

Christmas has arrived early this year – with two outstanding exhibitors, Andrea and Goretti. Well done ladies. Thank you to the staff  and extra help, from Paula Groenewald at Miz Gooz for making it happen once again . It was a great success.


Young and old enjoyed all the tasties.


Mom and Thomas (a regular at Berrylicious Fairs – already).  He is a great taster of confections or anything else on offer. What a pleasure to feed him.  Are  we grooming him to be our official Miz Gooz Berry taster? We will have to wait and see. Check back again at Easter Berrylicious to find out.

Karien`s Tumbles wedding cake



Dessert boxes with a cookie bouquet for a birthday and thanks giving function. Black and white polka dots are very popular at the moment. Caramel Coconut Fingers, Butter Fudge and Buttter sugar cookie daisies.



More on the Fair tomorrow. Tammy has completed her first masterpiece in Pettinice  for Christmas.

My batteries on the camera ran out so I did not photograph it all. I will post more pics of our Christmas display in the shop,  tomorrow.

Pop in , taste , order and buy our special treats for Christmas.