4th Dec 2011


We have the joy to announce the arrival of Andrew Robert Parker. Lindsey and Richard’s first son and our first grandchild.

Born Saturday, 26 November, 3,62kg, at the Sunward Park Hospital, by natural birth.  Thank you to the amazing staff and well done to our precious daughter who coped so well. Well done to Dad for not passing out.




Who does he look like?




Richard, of course.  He has Lindsey’s chin.



He doesn’t look like a newborn. He is a contented, quiet baby. Quite snoozy. Very cuddly and his eyes follow Dad’s and Mom’s voices. He is alert when visiting and looks around when in new surroundings. We can hardly believe this is happening to us.

Congratulations to Bob and Ruth, and family in Sydney, we will give him extra cuddles from you all. (That won’t be difficult to do, we have to share hime with all my staff as well. He has 4 granny’s here at the moment, as well as an aunt who does not want to share him). We serve a great God who blesses us beyond our expectations. We look forward to your visit next year and I am sure that Linz and Rich and Andrew will be so blessed to have you here.